Concrete Sealing offers years of outdoor protection for decorative concrete surfaces.

RAD specializes in maintaining your concrete investment with experience and knowledge of all types of concrete sealers. It is recommended to re-seal exterior concrete every 2 to 3 years, especially colored, decorative concrete. Concrete sealers reduce damage caused by freeze/thaw, salt, water, and UV. The tough, glossy finish brightens the concrete, enhancing its aesthetic qualities with a lustrous seal.




The sealers also reduce the effects of color fading. If you have old white sealer that wasn’t applied properly, we can strip it off and make your existing concrete look brand new again. RAD beautifully maintains your concrete investment. Concrete Sealing can enhance, prolong, and preserve any artisans’ creative handiwork as well as minimize potential freeze-thaw damage.

Enhance. Prolong. Preserve.

What to Expect

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How to care for your sealed concrete

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