Salt Lake City, Utah

Rad Concrete Coatings is proud to serve the residents and businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah with beautiful and durable garage floor coatings, concrete coatings, concrete overlays and waterproof deck coatings. We’ve been in Utah for decades and enjoy the people and culture.

Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, is the most populous city in the state. The history of the area is rich, and we love the backdrop the mountains give to this great city. Some of the biggest and most famous buildings are in downtown Salt Lake, and the city is known to be clean and full of friendly people.

Salt Lake City got its name from its proximity to the Great Salt Lake. The city was originally named “Great Salt Lake City”; however, the word “great” was dropped from the official name in 1868. The city sits at an average elevation of around 4300 feet, while the highest point in the city sits at 9410 feet.

Salt Lake City Concrete Coatings

Due to the extreme weather conditions in the area, many residents and businesses face challenges with maintaining and installing concrete on their properties. Rad Concrete Coatings has helped many people with their concrete overlay driveway projects and concrete staining projects in Salt Lake City.

The variety of new and old homes makes our job fun! We’re able to adapt to almost any home’s style, and our clients are happy with their results. Our large selection of colors, stains, finishes, and materials help homeowners and businesses get the garage floor, driveway or flooring that they’re looking for. A beautiful concrete overlay or custom concrete staining can really transform an average house into the home you’ve always dreamt of.

Modern homes are also becoming more common in the Salt Lake Valley. We’ve had a lot of modern home owners ask us to help them polish concrete for the flooring in a kitchen, entryway or office. Polished concrete floors are easy to care for and our Salt Lake City, Utah clients are loving the way they look in their homes.

Homeowners in Salt Lake are also starting to value their time outdoors. This includes their time outdoors at home. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of waterproof deck coating projects in Salt Lake City. The value of an easy-to-maintain deck is priceless. Our clients are grilling and entertaining more, taking advantage of our amazing warm summer nights.

We recently finished a few projects in the Salt Lake City area and we’ve got the proof in our online flooring photo galleries.

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